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All enquiries related to applying, accommodation lists, financial study loans, career paths, selection test information are dealt with here. For general enquiries about student related matters please contact us

The admission process

  • Request an application form and fees schedule please contact us
  • Please fill in the application form and ensure you provide all the requested supporting documentation within the timeframes for submission of the documentation. Applications that remain incomplete are withdrawn.
    Supporting documents required:
    Certified copy of your parent/guardian/sponsor id Certified copy of your id
    Certified copy of your highest qualification (Matric certificate, degree, diploma)
    1 x id photo (black & white or colour)
  • All student applicants are required to pay an application fee. Refer fees schedule for pricing.
  • Once the application is complete in terms of the requested documentation, the application is then referred to the relevant consultant for consultation & assessment. Applicants can monitor the progress of their applications by please contacting us
  • Selections for programmes that have a limited intake but attract a large number of applications may only finalize the application at the end of the application cycle.
  • All applicants will receive their correspondence via e-mail.
  • Applicants that are requested to provide an Academic Transcript and Degree Certificate are reminded that we require these documents for all tertiary qualifications, please note that credit certificates are not acceptable for those who apply for qualifications study.

Next steps

  • After your consultation & assessment, the consultant will confirm your acceptance or regret.
  • Once accepted, you must register by requesting a registration form by please contact us within 24 hours.
  • Complete a registration form, pay the study fees
  • Submit the registration form and attach the proof of payment by email and call us to confirm and verify our receipt of your registration and proof of payment.

Payment options

  • EFT
  • Student loans
  • Direct deposits

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