Social Responsibility

Some of our Corporate Social responsibility initiatives:

We have the passion and commitment to our South African communities that need help.

We have joint forces with a non-profit partner who help us create an environment designed to empower our communities. By providing a meal for the day in a supportive environment in which non-matriculants, matriculants, graduates and young adults who are seeking jobs, are able to  face the challenges of life. We facilitate and empower the attainment of basic confidence and skills to help them achieve their potential. Our commitment and on-going support in the townships will continue to grow. The journey of this mission is to encourage and make a small difference.  Our on-going projects offer education, guidance, coaching and mentoring in order to develop the career of young people. Through this process, we have learnt to help break the cycle of poverty.

Projects :

2012: The Santa Shoebox Project. This is a community initiative of the Kidz2Kidzthat co-ordinates donations and collections of personalized gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia.

2013: Gift Donations toward the contribution to The Carols by Candlelight to children from 1-6 years of age. - EDEN Schools of South Africa

2014: Skills development with 15 top students of underprivileged backgrounds in the Gauteng area. This initiative included leadership skills and coaching and gave unemployed learners a better chance to succeed in career opportunities.

2015: On-the-job coaching and mentoring with 4 unemployed matriculants and 8 unemployed graduate interns from Gauteng townships. The interns had to undergo a process of experiential learning, we recruited interns in the fields of Human Resources, Finance, Education, Sales.

2016: Since our key focus is the education sector, we have geared ourselves toward a project that started in February 2016 and completed in December 2016. The focus was to upskill unemployed Matriculants and Diploma graduates in one of the Gauteng Townships, where they were provided with training, support and live experiences based on their career goals. Learners proved to be successful and showed an incredible improvement in communication skills, basic professionalism, work etiquette, presentations and related occupational training such as professional office administration and receptionist skills.

For more information regarding the current projects or to submit a request, please contact us